Pay the Lowest Amount of Taxes Possible

TAXES-photoLet's face it, nobody likes getting their tax return done, unless perhaps, there's a nice refund coming. If your tax filing is very simple and straightforward, you may be able to correctly calculate your own taxes. But the question is Should you?

Correctly calculating a tax return takes more than putting the right numbers on the right lines. The tax code changes frequently, and if you don't understand those changes, it's easy to make a mistake. And if you're not an experienced accountant, how can you keep up with the credits and deductions? Even if you use tax software, if you don't know which questions to answer, or your software neglects to prompt you, you may not get it right. It could cost you, either in penalties or missed deductions.

While we can't make the process completely painless, Cech, Rosso & Company can make tax time easier for you. We'll work with you to do everything we legally can to reduce your tax bill. Our fees are very competitive with seasonal tax services, yet you'll receive so much greater value than just tax preparation. And because we're a full-service firm, we're available year-round. You can easily reach us anytime you have a tax question or problem.

Accuracy Is Essential

Do you review your tax return before you sign it? Most taxpayers don't. So how would you know whether something is wrong? Yet that mistake could result in a notice from the state government or the IRS. Or you may have missed deductions that could have saved you money.

As with any important documents, it's always better to have more than one person review them. We at Cech, Rosso & Company take pride in the accuracy of our tax returns. Unlike many accounting firms, we have a multiple review process designed to catch the inevitable errors that can occur. Call it our “ quality control."

A second professional double-checks the numbers for accuracy to be certain they make sense. We compare last year's figures with this year's. Does anything look out of place? While our review process takes more time, it makes it less likely there will be errors on your returns. Those errors could even be in your favor, until the IRS sees them!

Finally, we take a step back and see if there's anything else we can do to lower your tax bill. Are there any more deductions possible? Will you save money by itemizing or taking the standard deduction? We'll calculate the difference and let you know.

And when you're our client, we'll have a history of your tax returns as well, making it even easier to spot any potential discrepancies and find ways to keep more dollars in your pocket.

We're Not Afraid of the IRS

“I got a letter from the IRS saying I owe money for back taxes! What do I do? Can you help me? "Yes, we've gotten those calls.

There are people who don't file their tax returns, or attempt to calculate their own taxes and end up making mistakes. They may have been overconfident in using tax preparation software. Or their taxes were done by a seasonal tax preparer with insufficient experience. Then they get a notice from the IRS and they panic.

If Cech, Rosso & Company prepares your tax return and there is ever any question about it, we stand behind our work and will represent you at the local or federal level. CPA Judi Rosso has plenty of experience in dealing with federal and state tax issues, whether they are audits or letters. And she's been very successful at negotiating with governmental entities to accept far less than the amount they've requested in back taxes and/or penalties.

Don't take chances. The penalties are just not worth it. Contact Cech, Rosso & Company today to discuss your tax situation. Don't wait until you get a notice from the state government or IRS!