Many accounting firms can correctly calculate your taxes. Yet taxes are just one part of your business and personal financial fitness. There are plenty of other life events where you need someone to provide you with sound financial advice. Do you need to start taking a distribution from your IRA? Are you selling a house? Buying a business? Perhaps you're getting married. Or divorced. Or, sadly, you're left with an estate because someone in your family died. Each of these situations has financial consequences, and it's best to consult with a financial expert before taking action.

A full-service CPA firm located in Sterling Heights, Michigan, we at Cech, Rosso & Company do much more than add and subtract numbers and tell you whether you owe tax dollars or are entitled to a refund. (But we do an excellent job with tax returns and tax planning, too!) We can affordably advise you about the best financial strategies to follow, and yes, we'll also tell you how you can minimize your tax liability.

We serve clients throughout metro Detroit, the state of Michigan, and even outside the state. Our clients rely on us to keep them on track with their business and/or personal finances. And more than half of them have been with us for over 25 years because they trust that we're looking out for their best interests. Our clients range from individuals who need tax planning and their annual tax return prepared, to small businesses with $20 million in sales that require accounting, tax and payroll services, and consulting on other issues that are part of running a business, such as business valuations.

We Make the Paperwork as Easy for You as We Can

Cech, Rosso & Company may be a small CPA firm, however, we have big capabilities, and we handle a lot of client work. How do we do it? Instead of dealing with the miles of paper you'd expect to find at an accounting business, technology allows us to run a streamlined, paperless office, which also keeps our client data more secure. Through this system we stay very organized and efficient, and we require far less space for files. That saves our clients time and money.

Say you need a document from your file. We can easily locate it electronically, and with a couple of clicks of a mouse, send it on its way to you by email. We also have client portals, which can give you access to your files any time you need them. Our goal is always to do what most benefits our clients.

Call Us Anytime (during regular business hours, of course)

HOME-photoHave a question about your tax return? How about your payroll records? We encourage you to call us. If we can't speak to you right away, we'll get back to you promptly. We understand that when you have a question about some important financial matter, the last thing you'd like to do is wait for an answer. We're in business to serve you, our client. Yes, we know you've heard it before. But we mean it.

Automated phone system? Never. We may rely on technology to more efficiently handle the stacks of paper that come into our office, but you'll always get a friendly, live person on the phone when you call the Cech, Rosso & Company Sterling Heights CPA office. Not just during tax season, all year round.

So whether you have an ongoing need for CPA services, or you'd just like us to calculate the numbers for your annual tax return, we invite you to contact the accountants at Cech, Rosso & Company. Call or email us and we'll be happy to speak with you.

Good advice may be expensive, but bad advice could cost you EVERYTHING!